How it works:

Step #1

These two pieces are the same size as your credit card and fit into the same slot in you wallet or purse. Each piece is scratch resistant & easy to grasp due to the specially constructed surface.

Step #2

It was designed to be quick & easy to assemble. There is no trick to it or wrong way to do it. The MoustrakX is made of durable industrial materials that will last thru several hundred assemblies & it is made right here at home in the USA.

Step #3

Squeeze the pieces until it is well seated and you have one complete unit. Place your cell phone (or media device) on top of it and you are good to go! Let us know how you like it, how you use it & who you recommend it to".

Step #4

Wipe your screen with the included high quality microfiber cloth and you are ready to go!

We have used the stand for Facetime and movies and other apps that work well in landscape mode. It is a nice convenience to not have to hold the phone while watching a movie or at a breakfast bar. One of Bob’s favorite uses is in a hotel room when talking to Tiffany back home. One of John’s favorites is on long distance flights when he doesn’t care for the onboard entertainment. Having a stand always with you is a great tool for quick video communicating with loved ones while on the move.

See it in action:

Our Story

In 1984, Steve Jobs loaned Bob McDermand a Macintosh 128K - Apple's first commercial Mac.

After some weeks testing this innovative machine, Bob was very excited about the ease of use and the concept of computing for everyone.
He noticed that the mouse, well designed though it was, did not work well on all surfaces. This led to the development of a mousing surface which became known as the Mouspad. Millions were sold around the world, customized for use by hundreds of corporations, film studios and other artistic projects.

Now with the popularity of smart phones, Bob noticed another need, the need for a simple elegant smartphone stand for FaceTime, movies, Skype and other apps.

A simple stand made with the highest quality materials and that fits in the same pocket as a credit card. He showed this idea to his friend, John Mayes.

John an Airline Transport Pilot, creator of the Cisco PIX Firewall, Network Address Translation, Server Load Balance among other things, was instrumental in researching various materials for the X. He also helped refine the basic idea of the stand, making it more useful for different devices
Together, Bob and John created about 50 prototypes to arrive at our current design.

Both Bob and John, after working for decades in the information and data service industry are having fun creating real products that serve real needs. We hope you have as much fun using Moustrak-X as we had making it.

My companion of many years Tiffany is primarily responsible for the packaging of the X especially my favorite feature the elegant slide out foam holder for the device.


Karen H.

I very recently purchased your new media stand from Moustrak-X. I love it. I can set my phone or i-pad on the stand and have a hands free conversation with my grandsons that live out of state. I have given them to my husband and my sons. It is used by all. We are very satisfied with your product.

Mike N.

“Fits right in my wallet, I use it all the time!”

Carisse G.

“It’s really cool” Carisse G.

Contact Us

Contact Us

  • Contact us: Moustrak Inc.

  • Address: 116 E 7th St #201, Carson City, NV 89701
  • Phone: 775-220-1513
  • sales@moustrakx.com
  • Website: http://www.moustrakx.com