Why made in America is important.

Years ago the public was sold on the idea of a global economy. The idea was that the USA would be better as an information economy, leaving the shop floor or the factory in the hands of others. Well reality has proven to be quite different and left the US with dead or dying cities, a shrinking middle class and young people with reduced prospects for the future.
To be honest, manufacturing in the United States is not simple. It is less expensive and easier to build overseas and ship products here. Despite this doing the work at home does have some positives.
As an advanced nation we can produce high quality items with little waste in energy or materials in all steps of the production process. In addition we have been amazed at the support and encouragement of talented people who have helped our little project become a reality. We assure you that every effort will be made to source materials products and packaging domestically in an effort to support our own economy.

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